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Optimization of a high-power electric traction machine

Dheeraj Bobba & Adarsh Elango



ESTECO and Powersys Inc. host a joint webinar on 14 July 2021 at 2 PM EST, demonstrating the use of the electro-mechanical FEA solution JMAG for modeling and analysis of the electric machine and modeFRONTIER for simulation process automation and optimization.

In this webinar, Adarsh Viji Elango from ESTECO, and Sainan Xue and Dheeraj Bobba from Powersys are going to present the design process of a highly constrained multi-dimensional rotor geometry for an electric traction machine using principles of multi-objective optimization. In this solution methodology, the rotor design is evaluated by optimizing the tradeoff between maximizing the machine torque and minimizing the torque ripple while maintaining the structural integrity of the machine. 

The team optimized a 4-Layer Synchronous Reluctance Machine (SynRM) for traction motor application that has a large number of design variables and constraints. Both electromagnetic performance and stress constraints are included in this Multiphysics optimization. JMAG was used for the electro-mechanical simulation of the motor and modeFRONTIER was used for simulation process automation and optimization.

The study highlights the ease of integrating and automating the JMAG machine simulation model in modeFRONTIER using an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface. Then, an innovative constraint satisfaction DOE method is applied and enables the identification of a starting feasible design space for the complex input constraints. Finally, a heuristics multi-objective optimization algorithm is applied to resolve the trade-off between machine torque and torque ripple.

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