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Introducing JMAG Ver.23.0

Ahmed Shoeb



JMAG-Designer Ver. 23.0 was released on December 2023. JMAG has been developed to automate design. To this end, Ver. 23.0 has further improved functionality so that it can be used in all phases of design, from the initial design phase to detailed design. The processing efficiency of large-scale multi case calculations has been improved so that design exploration can be performed over a wider area to proceed without reducing the wide range of options in the early design phase. And, as the design phase progresses, the surrogate model can be used to increase calculation speed without compromising calculation accuracy during optimization for large scale models such as 3D models with higher levels of detail. In addition, we have added wound field synchronous motor to the JMAG-Express scenarios so that multifaceted evaluation items such as stress and temperature can be applied to more motor types. We have also improved the model handling of prepost in response to requests for more detailed models during the detailed design phase as virtual prototype. Processing times for loading project files, results files, and contour drawing have been significantly reduced. In addition, we have extended the functions of control coupling model output, electromagnetic force output for NVH evaluation, and efficiency maps so that the design can be consistent with the system at all stages of the design process.

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