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Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.22.0

Ahmed Shoeb



By avoiding geometry breakdown, a trouble that occurs during dimensional optimization, 100% of the number of individuals required for optimization calculations can now be obtained. Range Finder can be used to ensure that the established geometry required for optimization calculations is obtained while properly adjusting the dimensional range. For complex geometries with 20 or more dimensional variables, optimization calculations can be performed by exploring a wide range of design space without geometry breakdown. Range Finder can be used not only with JMAG, but also with third-party optimization products.

JMAG-Express can be used to evaluate multiphysics evaluation of motors, such as efficiency maps and component temperatures, by combining pre-defined scenarios. In addition, after performing a high-speed study in JMAG-Express, you can switch to JMAG-Designer with a single click and continue working back in JMAG-Express after refining the model, such as coil ends. Ten pre-post licenses for JMAG-Express are included for each pre-post license for JMAG-Designer. This allows multiple designers to use JMAG-Express at the same time, even if they have not analyzed before.

Motor component temperatures can now be evaluated at high speed. Thermal analysis now supports 2D geometry. The time from calculation execution to display of results in transient analysis is about 5 seconds.

The calculation speed of 2D magnetic field analysis with 10,000 elements or less has been improved by more than 2 times on average compared to Ver. 21.0.

The speed of coupled magnetic and thermal parallel calculations for large models with more than 1 million elements has been improved compared to Ver. 21.0. The number of models with speedup ratios exceeding 100 times in 256 parallel calculations has increased.

The calculation speed of eigenvalue analysis has been improved over Ver. 21.0. The longer the calculation time was in Ver. 21.0, the easier it is to speed up.

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