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Enhancing IPM Motor Efficiency: Understanding Operating Regions and Efficiency Maps

Nithara Narayanan & Supriya Singh



In addition to the torque generated by the magnetic fields of magnets and rotating magnetic fields, Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motors harness reluctance torque, arising from the variance between d-axis and q-axis inductance. This unique feature empowers IPM motors with expansive operating capabilities and exceptional efficiency. Notably, these attributes make IPM motors the preferred choice for applications such as electric vehicle traction motors. Efficiency in IPM motors varies with load and rotational speed. Creating efficiency maps is invaluable for both motor and control design. By appropriately selecting the current phase that matches the load and rotational speed, overall efficiency across the operational range can be significantly enhanced. IPM motors utilize rare-earth sintered permanent magnets, renowned for their potent magnetic force. Coupled with the ability to leverage reluctance torque generated from the disparity between d-axis and q-axis inductance, in addition to traditional magnet torque from magnetic fields and rotating magnetic fields, IPM motors boast an expansive operational range and remarkable efficiency. In JMAG-Designer, efficiency maps, accounting for iron loss effects and nonlinear magnetization characteristics, can be effortlessly generated. These maps offer a practical tool for evaluating loss ratios at various operating points within IPM motors.

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