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Introduction to efficient Multiphysic

Didier ZEFACK, Maxime BOMME & Romain BAUDSON



This webinar will show you how to understand the multiphyscis behavior of e-motors:  Electromagnetics force computation in JMAG, Thermal loss and hot spots simulations in JMAG, Cooling performances assessment in scFLOW,    Efficient geometrical changes for cooling optimization in scFLOW, Noise and vibrations analysis in Actran considering electric motor installation environment The use of electric motors has increased over the past years in a wide range of applications, covering industrial machinery, home appliances devices and more recently ground and aircrafts transportation. While electric motors are compact devices typically affordable and maintenance-free, their adoption in strategic products required design and engineering teams to ensure efficiency and comfort of their deliverable. Ability to produce mechanical power, optimal operational temperatures and noise and vibrations characteristics are key aspects to integrate during the development of new and efficient electric power units. Join us to discover how you can leverage on JMAG, scFLOW and Actran in an efficient process to cope with these challenges.

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