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Introducing jmag-designer ver.21.0

Yves Thioliere



In this webinar our JMAG Engineer will present you the new features of JMAG-Designer Ver.21.0. With this significant update creating models for control, circuits, and windings has become easier than ever, and the calculation speed and processing speed of operations have been increased to improve the efficiency of analysis work. An efficiency map analysis study in accuracy-priority mode can be generated with a single click from an efficiency map analysis study in speed-priority mode. This makes it easy to build control models for accurate efficiency map evaluation. The control calculation speed has also been improved. It is now possible to use multiple FEA models in an integration study. By increasing the accuracy of control and circuit models, as well as the models of peripheral devices such as sensors, the accuracy of the evaluation of target device characteristics can be improved. In addition, thermal circuit components for cooling have been added, making it easier to perform characteristic evaluations that take cooling into account. The calculation speed of large-scale models and the pre-post processing speed have been improved. It is now possible to analyze models with a large number of parts and elements that are close to actual machines in a shorter time than before.


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