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Overcoming Electric Drive
Manufacturing Challenges

At Powersys, we’re not just passionate about electrification; our mission is to usher the automotive industry into the future, faster. We believe in revolutionizing electric drive production, making electric vehicles not just a part of the future, but the core of it.

As the automotive industry moves towards electrification, the complexities of design and testing grow manifold.

Digital Twins
The Future of eDrive Design

We bridge that gap with our pioneering solution: offering OEMs and Tier1 companies a digital twin of their eDrive.

With our customized turnkey CAE design platform that aligns seamlessly with your design workflow, envision a future where hardware tests and prototyping are minimized, saving you time, money, and resources.


eDrive Models

Seamlessly integrate detailed eMotor and power converter models into your eDrive designs. Experience simulations that mirror real-world scenarios.



Transform your design process with automated optimization. Run massive, in-depth and repetitive analyses quickly, and focus on what truly matters.

Our strength for


Tailored Design Platforms

Rely on our extensive electrical engineering expertise to equip you with a customized turn-key design platform. A platform tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your eDrive design is streamlined, efficient, and cutting-edge.


JMAG our simulation powerhouses

A finite element analysis simulation software fine-tuned for electric motor design. Make precision and efficiency the hallmark of your eMotor designs.


SIMBA our specialized power electronics simulation software

This software for designing converters, motor drives, and controls, turn the complexities of converter design into a straightforward process.


Super-powerful computing infrastructure

In an era where time is of the essence, our power computing capabilities ensure your simulations and analyses are not just accurate, but also swift.

The solution the automotive industry has been waiting for.

Reducing hardware tests to streamlining design processes.

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