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Particleworks8 – Mesh-less CFD got even more efficient!

2024/02/05 3:00 pm
2024/02/05 4:00 pm

Join us for an exciting webinar where we unveil Particleworks 8, the latest release of the widely spreading mesh-less CFD software.

This update introduces a suite of new models and capabilities:
1. Multi-Resolution Model: Tailor your simulation precision! With this innovative model, you can selectively refine particle sizes in specific areas, enhancing accuracy where it matters most or conserving time by refining only crucial segments.
2. Advanced Solver and Viscosity Laws: Experience unparalleled realism in simulating highly viscous and semi-solid materials, like grease or snow. These new additions bring your simulations closer to reality.
3. Versatile Multi-Phase Simulations: an embedded Finite Volume solver or a cutting-edge Lattice Boltzmann solver, expanding the horizons of multi-phase simulations.
4. Multi-GPU capabilities: ensuring smooth and efficient simulation processing.

The webinar will also discuss the most recent industrial case studies and validations presented during our recent Particleworks Experience 2023.

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