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JMAG Version 23 New Features

2024/03/26 9:00 am
2024/03/26 10:00 am

JMAG-Designer Ver. 23.0 signifies a major advancement in design automation. This version brings significant improvements enabling its utilization in all phases of design, from initial conception to detailed design.

Highlights of the webinar:
– Global Design Exploration and Optimization: Learn about the enhanced speed of response reading and drawing for multi-case optimization calculations, allowing reading of 100,000 response values in just 5 seconds. Substitution modeling also reduces optimization calculation time while maintaining the accuracy of the Pareto curve.
– Multidisciplinary Evaluation: Explore new scenarios for separately excited synchronous motors added to JMAG-Express, enabling simultaneous evaluation of efficiency, temperatures, and stresses.
– Virtual Prototype for Large-Scale Models: Discover how pre-post performance has been improved for large-scale models, enabling project file loading up to 3.5 times faster and contour plot display up to 1.7 times faster.
– System Consistency: Learn how control coupling models can be generated from JMAG-Express, allowing for consistency evaluation with the control circuit throughout the magnetic design process.

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